Red Arrows for the first time at Aerobaltic!

This is probably one of the most recognizable aerobatic teams in the world. Consisting of as many as 9 (!) BAE Hawk planes flying in perfect synchronization and creating a breathtaking spectacle using white, red and blue smoke - colors referring to the flag of Great Britain, because Red Arrows is a team representing RAF - Royal Air Force.

In Gdynia, we will see the band's spectacular maneuvers, such as the "diamond nine", which is in its logo, or the "tornado" adored by the audience, but we are also in for a special surprise! The formation will perform a completely new and previously unseen maneuver, the so-called "I am tempting" (crossbow)!

For more information on Red Arrows, see an interview with Adam Collins (Red 10) at Aerobaltic Online last year. To be heard here