The partner of the Young Pilot Academy is the Experyment Science Center in Gdynia.

• Why does the plane fly and how is it constructed?
• How does the weather affect aviation?
• What are the types of aircraft and what is air navigation?

You will find the answer to these and many other questions at the Young Pilot Academy. It is a place that combines learning and fun, games and experiments await young adepts that will creatively present the fascinating world of aviation! Participation in each of the workshops is confirmed by a stamp with the Academy's logo. After collecting five such stamps, the Young Pilot Academy graduate leaves it with an aviation license and a set of gadgets!



We have thought about everyone and invite you to the cool zone prepared especially for the whole family! A place where you can lie down on a deckchair, feed and dress your little ones. There will also be coloring pages and toys for all kids!



The Aerolandia zone will be additionally sweetened by the manufacturer of confectionery products adored by successive generations of Poles - the Wawel company! There will be enough candies for everyone, because the whole Wawel Truck will come! What else will it contain? Be sure to check it out for yourself in Aerolandia, and for now it's our sweet secret.



It promises to be unearthly fun, also virtual. In the Budda Play tent, you will have the opportunity to play the most electrifying console games on high-quality monitors. Play Buddha will make the latest technology meet with great fun!



The Tri-City portal - dedicated to family, friendship and fun - has once again become the media patron of the Aerolandia zone. You can read about interesting and innovative ways to spend your free time with your family, including on Aerolandia!


We invite you to team games under the supervision of caregivers - football, basketball - competitions with attractive prizes - testing equipment


AirPoint are places where everyone can feel like an airline pilot.

Dreams of flying into the air have always been with us. Amazing impressions, adrenaline, and above all, such a pleasant and satisfying sense of freedom. All this means that flying has always been and will be absolutely unique.

Today, man is able to fly virtually anywhere in the world, but only a few can sit at the controls of a passenger plane. Something that has so far been available only to a small group of people, thanks to us becomes available at your fingertips.

AirPoint invites you to Aerolandia for pilot workshops.