W-3A - Czech Air Force

  • Rodzaj pokazu:  Dynamic / Static
  • Kraj:  Czech Republic
  • Statek powietrzny:  W-3A helicopter
  • Ilość statków:  1

Aerobaltic fans know this helicopter very well - a Polish construction based on the W-3 Sokół from the PZL Świdnik SA plant. This time, however, for the first time we will see the W-3A in the colors of the Czech Air Force!

Anaconda is used in sea rescue and is adapted for emergency landings on water thanks to special inflatable floats. These helicopters have also been adequately modernized, and thanks to the appropriate equipment, they are able to participate in rescue operations both during the day and at night, on water and on land. On board they have, among other things, a thermal imaging camera or lighting that allows the use of night vision goggles. Anakonda crew can consist of up to 5 people (two pilots, a technician, a doctor and a lifeguard). During one rescue operation, the crew can take up to 8 survivors on board.