ORLEN Grupa Akrobacyjna Żelazny

  • Rodzaj pokazu:  DYNAMIC
  • Kraj:  Poland
  • Statek powietrzny:  EXTRA 330LC, ZLIN 50LS, ZLIN 526F
  • Ilość statków:  2

They are undoubtedly one of the most recognizable participants of air shows in Poland. ORLEN Grupa Akrobacyjna ŻELAZNY is the largest, and at the same time the longest and continuously operating civil aerobatic group in the history of Polish aviation. Established out of love for aviation and passion for acrobatic and team flying. Inspired by pre-war pilots who paved the way for Polish team acrobatics, such as the famous Bajan three.

What is characteristic of the group is the fact that team members do not fly aircraft of the same type - it requires extraordinary piloting skills and experience to perform a precisely joint demonstration, controlling machines of different performance.