• Rodzaj pokazu:  DYNAMIC
  • Kraj:  Finland
  • Statek powietrzny:  BAE Hawk
  • Ilość statków:  4

Midnight Hawks is the official Finnish Air Force aerobatic team. The team, with its four Hawk training aircraft, is proud to present the excellent flying skills of Finnish military pilots at air shows in Finland and abroad since 1997.


All Midnight Hawks pilots are qualified air combat instructors at the Air Force Academy, who, in addition to their teaching duties, also train aerobatics. Flying in formation requires exhaustive training and commitment, but being a member of the Midnight Hawks is an honor that no one can deny.


The program is roughly divided into two parts, the first of which mainly consists of flying in close formation. Viewers in Gdynia can expect the tight diamond, so characteristic of the Midnight Hawks, as well as more formation changes than usual. The program for this season also includes many vertical maneuvers, which are extremely spectacular and will certainly impress the audience. The second part of the performance is a variety of maneuvers consisting of breaking up and returning to the formation. Some are known from last season, but the team is refining the entire sequence to be even more breathtaking than before. During the show, the team flies the lowest at just 100 meters above the ground, and the plane's speed varies between 200-800 km / h.