Kosakowo invites

We invite you today to the Kosakowo commune, where this spectacular event takes place. By the waters of the Puck Bay in the Kashubian Coast region, you will find areas of natural, cultural and recreational value. The attractive location, the beauty of the landscape and, above all, the proximity of the sea are the main tourist attractions of Kosakowo. It is also a real paradise for sailors, as well as kitesurfing and windsurfing enthusiasts.

The greatest geographical peculiarity of the commune is Mierzeja Rewska, known as Cypel Rewski, and in Kashubian Szpërk. The headland, stretching almost 1 km into the sea, was made by the same sea currents as the Hel Peninsula and separates the warm and calmer waters of the Bay of Puck from the saltier and cooler waters of the Bay of Gdańsk. The unique location makes Rewa and the nearby Mechelinki excellent conditions for practicing water sports.

The warm, shallow and safe waters of the Bay of Puck, combined with fairly strong winds, is a perfect place for both beginners and professionals. Sailing enthusiasts can improve their skills under the supervision of instructors from the Rewa Yacht Club and the Port Mechelinki Association. There are also water equipment rentals in the clubs. There are also nurseries and rentals in Rewa. It is also possible to go canoeing around the Bay. In Mechelinki you will find a rental shop that offers trips to the torpedo depot, the Beka Reserve, or the island of Ryf Mew. There are also briefs for scooters and boats.

The clean and sandy beaches of Rewa and Mechelinki encourage you to use not only water but also sunbathing. At the same time, they are not as crowded as in other more popular places.

At the base of Szpërek in Rewa, there is the National Avenue of Merit of Sea People, crowned with a sea cross, which is also a walking route along the shore of the Bay of Puck along the entire town. Every year, the Herring March arrives here from Kuźnica. The 12-kilometer long hike runs along the tern sandbank in the Bay of Puck.

While walking along the beach or along the marked hiking trail, you will come across the Mechelińskie Łąki reserve. It is an area of rushes and meadows with an area of 113.47 ha, located between Rewa and Mechelinki, created in order to preserve and protect breeding sites and the existence of valuable species of water and marsh birds. The flora of the reserve has about 200 species, including more than 20 protected and rare plants. This valuable natural area is home to an exceptionally rich population of the Sea Santa Claus.

Mechelinki is a charming town. The fishing harbor with modern infrastructure allows residents and tourists to see the work of fishermen up close, as well as buy fresh fish just caught from the sea. The fishing traditions here date back to the 13th century. Right next to it there is a pier and a promenade along the seaside avenue. The 180-meter-long wooden walking pier was built in 2014. From it you can observe the nearby Mechelin cliff and the buildings of the former German torpedo house rising from the water. On the promenade, in the vicinity of the old fishing port, there are two impressive ash trees (the circumference of the larger one exceeds 5 m). In 2006, the ash trees were named after the Pomeranian dukes - Mściwoj and Świętopełk.

From the Mechelins cliff, there is a beautiful panorama of the Bay of Puck and Gdańsk from the Rewski headland through the Gdynia torpedo station, and on the horizon, when the visibility is good, you can admire the entire Hel Peninsula. The Klif in Mechelinki is a place that can be reached by taking Klifowa or Jabłoniowa streets from the direction ofierwoszyn. When going to this place, we recommend going down the stairs straight to the beach. In the neighboring town of Mosty you will find a manor house from the 18th century. In front of the building there is a fountain and a 250-year-old chestnut tree. Aleja Lipowa, which is made up of 40 July, leads to the closed manor house today.


Every year at the beginning of July Kosakowo reaches an international dimension. The Open'er Festival organized at the Kosakowo Airport attracts thousands of fans of entertainment at the highest level from all over the world. The festival is one of the largest and most famous European music events. The annual Lotos Gdynia Aerobaltic Airshow is also held at the airport.


Kosakowo Commune, it's worth being here!