Tickets for LOTOS Gdynia Aerobaltic 2021 are now available!

First cards face up! The official sale of tickets for this year's shows has started.

For those who already know that they cannot miss the largest air show in Europe, and at the same time like to save, the best solution will be the so-called Early Birds Tickets - Which One Now can be purchased at

After the end of the first round (Early Birds), the next one is also scheduled for regular prices. However, it must be remembered that due to limitations resulting from COVID-19, this year the number of tickets is limited.

Ticket prices are not excessive and will certainly turn out to be a hit expense. They are divided into several categories depending on the expectations of the event participant. The pool includes, among others VIP tickets - for the most demanding, or SPOTTER - for photographers with powerful lenses, whose focus is on planes in motion.

Of course, some interested parties can count on a lower price - a reduced ticket is available to people under 18 years of age. Holders of the Gdynia Rodzinna Card will also pay less.